Swimming is one of those sports that don’t make dentists cringe when you bring them up, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from oral health risks. A little known fact is too much time spent swimming in a chlorinated pool or in the ocean can pose certain risks to your oral health. If your children are avid swimmers that you can’t keep out of the water, this article will let you know the dangers.

Improperly chlorinated pools pose a risk to dental health, be sure to chlorinate appropriately

Five Unexpected Dental Health Risks from Swimming

Swimming of all forms is excellent exercise, working every part of the body while being low-impact. While this latter is hardly a concern for most young swimmers, there are a number of concerns that can face those who spend long hours in the pool or swimming in the ocean. Below are five of the most prominent.

If your children spend a lot of hours in the pool, it’s important that you communicate this to your dentist. They’ll be able to keep an eye out for related concerns and identify the correct cause of those that may appear to be from poor hygiene.

What To Do To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

There are quite easy things you can do to prevent time spent in the water from impacting the health of your child’s teeth. It starts with making sure you take regular trips to your dentist and rinsing your mouth after every swim. Getting additional fluoride will definitely help protect your teeth, and you should always have a professional manage the chemical levels in your home pool.