Practicing good oral hygiene is the most assured way to prevent the early signs of tooth decay. For children with developing teeth, the molars can be an incredibly particular set to brush because of their location along the back of the throat. Because of this, the molars become harder to clean, making it easy for bacteria to develop in those areas. If your children have started developing cavities along their back molars, know that this is quite a regular occurrence. In cases where the molars are getting ready to erupt or have already erupted, your dentist can apply a sealant to protect them from cavities.

Sealants are a thin, protective coating made of plastic materials, made to act as a shield against bacteria. Children’s molars can benefit from sealants because as they age and their teeth come into alignment, it can allow the molars to grow safely without the risk of cavity development. Today, we’re going to look at the glass ionomer sealant, how it works, and tell you why this sealant is a trusted variety among dentists.

Why Choose Glass Ionomer Sealants

Most often, sealants are either made from plastic material with no BPA or resins made from ceramic and other plastic compounds. Glass ionomer sealants are made of water, polymeric acid, and glass powder, making them a unique option for families needing dental treatment for cavities or erupting teeth. For dentists using glass ionomer sealants for teeth, they provide an excellent means of protection against bacteria and have numerous other benefits, including:

Other Methods of Cavity Prevention For Your Children

Glass ionomer sealants have a fantastic ability to protect your children’s teeth. However, these sealants should not be considered the only solution. If you wish to learn more about the various treatments your dentist has available, then it’s best to arrange an appointment with them if you have any questions. If you’re curious, ask them about glass ionomer cement, and they may be able to help. Most importantly, glass ionomer sealants do not replace brushing and flossing. Make sure to keep reinforcing good oral habits for your child, as having healthy teeth can help prevent oral diseases and keep their smile in great shape.