While it can be difficult at any time of year, summer is a particularly difficult time to keep your kids off of sugary drinks. Ensuring that your children stay hydrating during these warmer months is essential, but it can be difficult to get them to drink enough fluids while avoiding unhealthy sugars and acids. To help parents out with this difficult situation, we’ve put together a few healthy drink alternatives that will ensure your children both stay hydrated and keep their smiles looking great.

A Collection Of Great Drinks For Healthy Teeth

Obviously, the best drink for kids for staying hydrated and protecting their teeth is water, but it can be something of a struggle to get them to drink enough. Some alternatives include:

Each of these options will provide your child with the hydration they need while providing a little something extra. While fruit can be a little high in sugar, they’re almost universally better for you than any soda or other sugary drink.

Consult Your Dentist For Additional Oral Health Tricks This Summer

In addition to taking these steps to help protect your children’s teeth from the dangers of high sugar drinks, there’s more you can do this summer. Talk to your dentist to learn about special risks from swimming in chlorinated pools and natural water alike. They can also suggest healthy snacks that will provide the nutrients their teeth need and more. Call today to find out what tips and tricks they have to offer you and your family.