The holiday time of year is just around the bend, and with it, thoughts of toys for the little ones. Our primary concern is to rest certain that the toys we buy will be enjoyed. While considering this point, it’s also important to ensure that they’re safe. While there are many things that come up when thinking about this point, oral health is often overlooked. This consideration is vital, however, especially for the little ones who still put everything in their mouth. Below we’ll provide a series of tips on what to look for. By following them, you can guarantee the toys you choose will be safe for their teeth.

Important Dental Concerns While Picking Toys For Small Children

There’s nothing as beautiful as the smile of a child when they get a gift they love. Their excitement is infectious and can bring joy to an already happy moment. While considering which toy to pick, it’s important to make sure they don’t have small parts. Smaller children, in particular, have a tendency to put anything they can fit into their mouths. Not only are these a hazard for choking, but they also pose a risk to their gums and teeth. This is just the first thing you should consider avoiding. Others include:

  • Hard Toys – Toys that are particularly hard can become a favorite chew item. Unfortunately, this can lead to breaking or chipping their teeth. Even children who don’t have teeth yet can be at risk of gum damage. Plush toys or those made of soft plastic are ideal.
  • Sharp Toys – In addition to toys that are made of hard material, you want to avoid those with sharp edges. Even softer plastic can pose a risk if it has points or edges. Points can find their way under the gums. Those with abrupt edges can be painful to the gums if a bitten down on wrong.
  • Age Appropriate Toys – There are many toys that may seem harmless that are inappropriate for younger children. Most toys will be marked with an indicator stating that they are best suited for children over a certain age. Do ensure that the toy you select is marked appropriate for your younger children.
  • Get Rid Of Damaged Toys – The holiday season is also a good time to start thinning your child’s collection of toys. Those that have become damaged should be the first ones out the door. With those out of the way, eliminate those they’ve outgrown. This will help reduce clutter, as well as ensuring their toys are all safe for them.

There’s more you can do in addition to selecting toys that are safe and undamaged. An important step for younger children is keeping an eye on them while they play. They need room to play and experiment. However, it’s important to make sure that their toys are being used safely.

Consult Your Dentist For Other Things To Avoid

If you want to be confident that you make the safest choices for your child this holiday, speak to your dentist. They have years of experience with children doing the unimaginable to their teeth. As a result, they’ll have great advice to help keep your children and their smile safe.