Growing up can be challenging, and growing up with misaligned teeth can be even more challenging. Kids have enough to worry about without worrying whether others will tease them about their smiles. More importantly, misaligned teeth can lead to serious oral health concerns as they age. The good news is their fears about their braces being noticeable aren’t as true to life as they used to be. Newer braces are less intrusive and may even be completely invisible. However, those active in bands and playing brass instruments may still be concerned about their impact on their ability to play. 

Keep The Music Going While Wearing Braces

Daily practice can be challenging to keep up with, but every musician knows it’s essential to improving. When anything gets in the way of this critical part of excellence, it can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, there’s no reason that having braces has to keep young musicians from perfecting their art. Plenty of brass players have gotten braces and are managing to continue performing and improving over time. In fact, by the end of this article, we will share a secret with you about wearing braces while playing. In the meantime, just know that a little patience and time to adjust will have you playing in no time. All you need to do is follow these tips:

So there you have it! Four things will help you return to playing while undergoing orthodontic care. Now, we promised you a secret. That secret is that studies have revealed that those who wear braces while learning to play brass instruments advance faster and develop better technique than those who don’t. Something about adjusting to playing with braces produces superior results while practicing and a better relationship with their embouchure.

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