Your child’s dental history starts before they ever emerge from the womb. From the fourth month of their life as a developing fetus, they have all the teeth they’ll ever have already growing within their jaw. This means that even before they’re born, it’s important to start watching for their oral health. When it comes to their developing adult smiles, it’s often beneficial to consider getting an orthodontic evaluation to check for developing issues while it’s still early enough to prevent them or lessen their impact. While not every child will require orthodontic care, it’s essential to determine this as early as possible. Here at Kids 360 Pediatric Dentistry, we prepare for your child’s future by performing an orthodontic evaluation when they reach age 7.

Is Seven Old Enough For My Child To Get Braces?

Simply put, no. However, seven years of age is the perfect time to have them receive their orthodontic evaluation. During this visit, they’ll receive a full oral exam, including dental imaging. By checking the development of their adult teeth at this time, it can make it clear whether any issues need intervention before they fully develop. While your child will be ready for their orthodontic evaluation at age seven, the actual work typically won’t begin until age 9. This is when your child’s adult teeth begin erupting, and steps can be taken to ensure that they turn out a beautiful, straight, and healthy smile. When you see the team at Kids 360 Pediatric Dentistry for an orthodontic evaluation, the following topics will be covered:

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