For many, the loss of a child’s first tooth is a wonderful and special occasion. This is when some parents introduce the concept of the tooth fairy and celebrate their child’s growth and development. This is also an indication that the child’s adult teeth will start to come in. However, it’s possible for permanent teeth to start to erupt before a child loses the “baby tooth,” and that can be cause for concern. Thankfully, the Kids 360 Pediatric Dentistry team is here for you and knows what to do to help protect your child’s oral health.

What To Do When Adult Teeth Start Coming In Early

Every child is different, but the typical ages for baby tooth development include the following:

What you need to do when this occurs varies from case to case. In most cases, an adult tooth coming in before the baby tooth is lost isn’t a major cause for concern. Usually, the baby tooth will become loose as the adult tooth comes in. You can check and see if this is the case by having your child wiggle the tooth with their tongue. This will usually help the tooth loosen further and ultimately fall out.  

However, in some cases, the tooth will not be loose and won’t show any signs of naturally falling out. This is when you need to schedule an appointment with our team. When this begins to happen with one tooth, it’s likely that neighboring teeth are going to be impacted as well. We’ll perform a full exam and determine what steps are necessary to address your child’s oral health. Some signs you may need to come to see our team include the following:

If the erupting teeth aren’t addressed quickly, there is a risk of orthodontics and other oral health concerns when it occurs. This means that expensive and uncomfortable treatments may have been required to address the consequences.

Call Us For Help With Your Child’s Oral Health

Baby teeth are a temporary part of our childhood development, but they play an essential role. Throughout our childhood, they encourage the growth of the jaw in a way that will accommodate our adult teeth. This includes both ensuring there’s sufficient space and that they can come in properly aligned. If you’re concerned about the health of your child’s teeth, call for an appointment today at (832) 271-6114!