While most dental patients undergoing root canal therapy are adults, there are times when it’s appropriate for children as well. Children are susceptible to tooth infections, and retaining the primary (baby) teeth is as important as protecting their adult teeth. Even if it were not, there are inherent risks to not addressing a tooth infection when they occur. They can damage bone tissue in the jaw, impact the health of existing adult teeth, and ultimately become a systemic infection if left untreated. Kids 360 Pediatric Dentistry provides pediatric root canal therapy for our patients to ensure the healthy development of their adult smile.

Knowing If Your Child Needs Pediatric Root Therapy

No matter your age, tooth infections can be excruciatingly painful. However, they may also be asymptomatic while still presenting a threat to your child’s remaining teeth. Therefore you must be able to determine if your child is currently experiencing symptoms that indicate the presence of a tooth infection.

Some common signs of tooth infection include:

These symptoms are a clear indicator that it’s time to get your child into our office to be seen for a dental infection. Even if we can rule out a tooth infection, we’ll take steps to rule out any dental cause.

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Don’t ignore the potential signs of a dental infection. Your child’s oral health can be negatively impacted by failing to take action, both now and in the future. Acting quickly is the surest way of eliminating the infection and helping your child’s oral health get back on track. Start by calling our offices at (832) 271-6114 today! We’ll bring your child in for an exam and consultation and help them get relief from dental infection pain with pediatric root canal treatments.