Maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile requires good dental hygiene and an ongoing series of visits to your dentist. However, this is just the beginning of the options available for improving your child’s chances of living a life with good oral health. It’s common for a pediatric dentist to begin discussing good dental habits before your child has presented with their first tooth. On the tooth’s arrival, we’ll often suggest that you start taking advantage of a treatment known as fluoride varnish. With this preventative measure, you can set the stage for a lifetime of good dental health for your child and family.

What Is Flouride Varnish, And How Does It Help Teeth?

This dental treatment has been shown to be effective in preventing tooth decay, especially in pediatric patients. As the name suggests, this varnish contains the essential mineral fluoride. This mineral has been demonstrated to be so effective at protecting our oral health that it’s a common additive to many cities’ drinking water. It’s a safe method of prevention that’s used by dentists all over the world to give children an edge against the development of tooth decay. Only a small amount of the varnish is applied, and it isn’t possible to swallow enough during a professional application to put your child at risk. It will have hardened four to 12 hours after the varnishing is complete. Any excess will be removed when your child brushes again.

It’s essential to understand that fluoride varnish is only an added layer of protection. It cannot prevent your child from developing cavities on its own. They must maintain a consistent dental hygiene routine to avoid tooth decay. If they aren’t old enough to complete their oral hygiene care independently, you must do so for them.

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